Alicia DiMichele Mob Wives

Alicia DiMichele is a Snitch Mob Wives Preview

Alicia DiMichele is a Snitch??

Alicia DiMichele Garofalo mob wives new bloodOkay so now the wait is finally over. The new season of Mob Wives titled New Blood begins December 5th. Now let’s explain how this whole thing came about. It was initially revealed that the producers of Mob Wives were casting for a third franchise in the series called Mob Wives: Philly. After Mob Wives Chicago which aired in 2012 failed to meet ratings expectations VH1 cancelled production for the Philly franchise. Well two of it’s cast members Natalie Guercio and Alicia DiMichele had interesting story lines and the producers didn’t want to let the ladies go. So they decided to add them to the flagship program. Here’s what’s really interesting there was a connection between Karen Gravano and Alicia DiMichele the newbie. Alledgedly Gravano’s father is responsible for killing Alicia’s father in law in the 1990′s.

Edward Garofalo who is married to Alicia allowed her to be on the show under one condition. They get rid of Karen Gravano because of the bad blood between the two families. VH1 agreed and wanted to go in a new direction. So most people would say why get rid of a main character like Karen for some new chick that no one knows? Well Alicia has a lot going on. She is awaiting a jail sentence for involvement in the mob and what’s even crazier she is a snitch. She confessed to almost everything her husband and herself did to get a lower jail sentence. OUCH! We all know how Renee, Big Ang, and Drita feel about snitches. There is going to be a slue of drama surrounding this one. We can see how the women were out to get her when they first met her in the series opener. It’s going down!!

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